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Content Types

Based on your templates you can add & manage text, photos, videos, audio, galleries, products, newsletter sign-ups, appointments, calendars, maps, links, files, social links, buttons, quotes, custom code, charts and more.

Template Layouts

Bespoke templates (personalised for you) like Contact, About, Blog, Portfolio, Products, and more. Page elements are arranged to quickly create professional layouts and showcase your content. Also optional content can be taken or dismissed as required.

Hiding & locking pages

Any page is locked by a user whilst editing (or can be looked manually by a user) to stop multiple users editing the same page. Also pages can be hidden until ready to be set to live.

Multiple users

Manage multiple users and keep track of their current editing situation with check-in and check-out page editing. So there’s no confusion about who's editing what.

Editing tools

Multiple editing tools to help you manage your website without any coding skills.

html editor

Multiple option from the basic bold, italic, underline to more advance tools such as links, images and custom HTML etc.

Simple text editor

Useful for site editing where no options is a good thing. Keep things simple and consistent.

Image cropping tool

Use the built in image cropping tool, the original image will be left untouched for use again.


Repeating slides help mange multiple groups on content (such as text & images etc), which can be repeated endlessly.


The tag feature allows you to set up tags for use in your site for various means like filtering or search.

Media library

Upload & store all your media files (like video, image, pdf, doc etc) for showing or linking to on your website.


Hassle free Cloud hosting & domain management in one place.

Admin area on laptop

Cloud hosting

Your website will be hosted on our cloud service, so there's nothing to download, install or update. We take care of everything for you.

Connecting domains

Simply connect your domain purchased from a third-party provider (such as GoDaddy, Fasthosts, or 123-reg etc).

Security and Privacy

We install your SSL certificate for you, so your visitors can see that your website is secured using trusted communications protocols.

Forms & data

Any data collected via forms on your site will be securely stored in the database and viewed via the admin area.

SEO & Analytics

Understanding of your customers across devices and platforms.

analytics graph

Indexed & Searchable

All pages with clean HTML markup that is easily indexable by search engines, no additional plugins needed.

Meta keywords & descriptions

Even though this is not visible by your websites visitor this is important for search engines and can be added/edited on a page by page basis.


Automatically generated sitemaps and links in Sitemap.xml, which lists every URL on your site with proper priority for perfect indexing.

Page titles

With SEO title formats, you can create a consistent structure for how your pages look in browser tabs, search engine results, which can be edited site wide and overwritten on a page by page basis.


Simple integration of Google analytics. A powerful, flexible and easy-to-use analytics platform to view the traffic and behaviour of visitors in real time. Learn where they're coming from and what keywords they're using to find you.

Contact & support

Contact us directly (the creators of the CMS), we are be best people to talk to when it comes to our CMS. We are here to help.

support team

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How long are your contracts?

Site & tonic packages are on a rolling month contract. No long term tie in's. You can pay monthly or yearly.

Can I switch packages?

Yes, you're free to upgrade or downgrade your package at any time. If you upgrade you would be charged the difference between small and business package. There are no part-month refunds when downgrading.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time in your site's by contacting us. We will then keep your site for 90 days after your last billing date, so if you change your mind you will be back up and running in seconds.

Do I need a web host?

No, with Site & tonic's cloud hosting we take care of everything for you.

Can I download Site & tonic cms?

No. Your site will be hosted on our cloud service, so nothing to download, install or update. We take care of everything for you.

Can I have an email service?

We don't offer a emails service. However we recommend using Google Workspace or windows 365 as a email provider for professional email service which comes with a wide range of other software & tools. We will set up your domain to use either of these grid party services for you.